review: The Diaper Sprayer August 05 2009

One of the many innovations in modern cloth diapering is The Diaper Sprayer. This easy-to-install device makes swishing and soaking soiled diapers a thing of the past.

We have used ours to spray off stuck-on poo and to rinse the baby potty after our little one uses the bathroom. And although you may be tempted to use it right on the baby's bottom, we don't recommend it - the water is COLD!

Installation In just a few minutes, this hand-held shower sprayer can be attached to your toilet – without the need of a plumber! Just remove the existing hose with pliers, connect the diaper sprayer hardware (included) to the tank and to the wall and that’s it! You’ll be pre-rinsing those poopy diapers in no time at all!