review: Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron August 19 2009

People call this book the homemade baby food Bible for good reason. I have been flipping around in it for about 3 months and I am constantly finding new tidbits and recommendations. The author provides so much wonderful information, it would probably be wise to a) read it (ok, at least start reading it) before you have a little one that is ready for solid foods and b) read it from front to back. The index is easy to use, but I find I'm being driven to other places in the book following comments like, "If your baby is ready for citrus..." Well, is my baby ready for citrus? (There is a fabulous chart on pages 86-87 which neatly lays out when your little one may be introduced to which foods, and, turns out, he's not.)

In this book you will find recommendations for when to introduce which foods, how to select, prepare and store those foods, and how to design a healthy diet for your child, at any stage of growth. There are suggestions for balancing breast or bottle feeding with solids and even a chapter all about party planning! As the cover claims, you will truly find
Absolutely everything you should know about feeding your baby and toddler, from starting solid foods to age three. Includes more than 350 quick, easy, delicious and nutritious recipes and thousands of money-saving and time-saving child care and kitchen tips.
You will not be disappointed.