Guest Review: FuzziBunz One Size February 16 2011

Thanks to Hannah for this awesome guest review! Enjoy!

We have been cloth diapering for 2 ½ months now and are still experimenting with what works best for us, but so far our FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diapers always wins out over the other diapers we try! We started using these when our LO was just 3 months old and he is now 5 ½ months old. These diapers have a snug fit without being too tight, wash and dry easily, and contain smells really well. I like that the pocket is sewn in a way that doesn’t allow the inserts to shift around—great if you have a wiggly little baby. The elastic in the leg openings and along the back is of high quality and using elastic to adjust the sizing is so smart! When and if the elastic wears out, it can be replaced easily and would be so much cheaper than buying a whole new diaper.

Closeup of tag, stitching, and leg opening.

The snaps on this diaper are very sturdy and I don’t see them ever wearing out although the company says they have a warranty of one year. When we used disposables, our little one used to wake up several mornings each week with a major blowout, but he hasn’t had a blowout since we’ve been using these diapers! They fit nice and snug around his legs and torso and have never left red marks on his skin. In the beginning, we used these at night with two inserts, but he has turned into a heavy wetter this past month and these do leak every once in a while if he sleeps for an extended period of time. I’ve found I prefer using a fitted diaper at night because they tend to hold a lot more liquid. The FuzziBunz OS Hemp Diaper is another nighttime option for us. Along with the included hemp insert, I simply add one of the newborn inserts that comes with the regular FuzziBunz dipes into the pocket and that seems to work. He usually wakes up twice during the night though, so I don’t know how well the FB Hemp works for a baby who sleeps 12 hours. Wish I did! Haha!

One drawback to the OS is the added bulk. We have found that trying to snap a onsie over these diapers is really difficult and many times not possible at all. We usually end up putting him in a shirt and baby legs or a one-piece outfit, as wearing pants over these is not easy either (and not entirely cute). The only thing about that is that baby legs aren’t the easiest to find unless you order them online. I’m considering trying the FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers now that he would be out of the smalls just so I can try to put him in his adorable little baby blue jeans and onsies that we love so much.

Extra fabric is a bit bulky but this diaper will grow with him. It’s a trade-off.

The fleece lining makes clean up a breeze and I’ve yet to have one stain. It also doesn’t roll out along the legs like many other diapers do, keeping poo where it belongs—in the diaper! Also, the fleece is always very soft whether I hang dry or toss them in the dryer and our son hasn’t had diaper rash since making the switch to cloth. I use a diaper sprayer for the poopy dipes (our LO hasn’t started solids other than rice cereal yet so his are still pretty messy), then toss them into the wet bag to wait for wash time. There’s also no flap covering the insert in the back (yay!). I tried diapers that had the flap but found it more of a nuisance than anything. Sometimes FuzziBunz inserts can be shaken out so you don’t even have to touch a wet or soiled diaper—not the case with the other kind.

Pocket diapers dry rather quickly so they can be tossed into the dryer on a low heat setting and may even be dry before the dryer beeps. I prefer to hang mine on a drying rack so as to save energy and hopefully extend the life of the diaper. I usually wash them at night and hang them to dry—they’re dry by morning so I can then stuff them with the inserts and they’re ready to take on the day!

The one other drawback is the price of these diapers. They are around $20.00 each, which is pretty normal for a pocket diaper, but if you compare the price to prefolds it can be a bit daunting. I highly suggest trying these on a diaper trial program to find out if these work for you before investing your hard-earned cash. If you do decide to go with these, you can get a bit of a discount by purchasing many at one time. Also, if you consider your total cost for 18-24 of these, it isn’t nearly as bad as paying for disposables for two to four years. We considered prefolds but loved the simplicity of these diapers more. It is worth spending the extra cash to us, especially when the OS can be used until baby is potty trained.

Bottom line: These are our favorite cloth diapers and I would definitely recommend FuzziBunz to anyone who wants to try cloth diapering. Even my husband likes these diapers and finds them easy to use. They come in so many fun colors (but where are the prints, FBs??) and I love seeing my LO rolling around in his cute little red or blue (or green or white…) diaper butt.

Pants over FuzziBunz One Size. These pants are cut big and loose and are one of a few pairs of pants that go easily over his CD bum. Still cute though and he doesn’t mind not wearing pants most of the time at home. Plus, everyone who sees him in these diapers gushes over how adorable they are!