A Little Diaper Lingo November 16 2011

I talk to a LOT of people about cloth diapering and the various systems available today. Fitted, pocket, all in one, hybrid, one size... What is the difference? Here is a basic explanation of some different styles I hope will help those of you that are still confused. And trust me - you are not alone if you are confused!

Prefolded Diapers Long considered the work-horse of the cloth diapering world, “prefolds” are the diapers you remember from childhood. Gone, however, are the scary diaper pins, so fear not - you needn't jab your little one unexpectedly! Prefold diapers are available in various sizes to accommodate babies from birth to potty training, and at less than $4 per diaper, are easily replaced when soiled or lost. The most economical of the cloth diapering choices, they also make great burp cloths and dusting rags when your little one moves on to the big potty!

Contour Diapers One step up from prefold diapers, contour diapers still require securing within the diaper cover. They are available in a range of sizes and fabrics from organic cotton to hemp to microterry and fleece.

Fitted Diapers Fitted diapers are the most technically advanced diaper available without a built-in cover. Snaps makesecuring these diapers to your baby a breeze. Fitted diapers are known for their ability to contain even the runniest poops, so with a well-fitting cover, your little one's clothing should stay clean and fresh all day.

Pocket Diapers Pocket diapers are designed for flexibility in absorbency while still maintaining a trim fit. These diapers are great for overnight because they can be stuffed with two- or three-times what your baby needs during the day, and with a stay-dry layer of soft fleece against your baby's skin, can significantly extend the (much-needed) sleep time between diaper changes. When the stuffing is removed, drying time is reduced dramatically.

All-In-One (AIO) Diapers The name says it all! All-in-One diapers are designed to go from the wash to baby's bum and back to the pail with no muss and no fuss. The outer layer of waterproof laminated polyester fabric (PUL) is soft and quiet, the inner layers of cotton or hemp absorb whatever your little one can dish up, and a layer of ultra-soft fleece keeps the baby's skin nice and dry. All-in-One diapers are great for daycare, Daddies, and even the occasional weekend at Grandma's!

Hybrid Diaper Systems The newest kid on the block, hybrid systems allow the most flexibility for caregivers. Often sold as covers + inserts, these diapering systems provide a reusable cover with optional reusable OR disposable inserts. Some systems are even One-size, meaning the same washable covers and inserts could be used for one (or more) child’s entire diapering life.

"Sized" versus One-Size Diapers One-size diapers are designed to fit babies from birth to potty learning. With adjustable rise and/or leg openings, caregivers can get a custom fit out of one diaper, month after month. With One-size diapers, many families are able to buy just one “batch” of diapers for their child’s entire diapering needs. One-size diapers can be prefolds, fitted, contour, pockets, all in ones or hybrid systems.