Cloth Diapers for Christmas? November 29 2011

I know it may sound crazy, but cloth diapers do make wonderful gifts! Although we often brag about how much money can be saved by choosing reusable diapers, the wide variety of styles and colors make it almost impossible to resist collecting! Once a family has established "a stash" - those diapers required for cloth diapering success - it is very common to begin adding diapers, covers, and accessories for more variety. Even a family that has chosen the simplest of diapering systems, like prefolds and covers, can spend hundreds on covers in every color of the rainbow.

If you are a cloth diapering family, consider creating a Gift Registry for this holiday shopping season. It's quick and easy, just click here for more information.

If you are shopping for a cloth diapering family, here are a few ideas to consider:

The Diaper Sprayer
The Diaper Sprayer: Some people consider a diaper sprayer a frivolous purchase, or one to put off until absolutely necessary. And though they are not what we would consider a must-have until the baby moves into solid foods, it's never too early for a diaper sprayer!

One Size Pocket Diapers: Families that have chosen cloth diapers in order to save money often overlook the convenience (not to mention the cuteness) of One Size Diapers due to their relatively high price. Pocket diapers are commonly used during times when baby must remain in a single diaper for a while, like during naps, on road trips and overnight. They make a great addition to any cloth diapering system.

Wet Bags: Every cloth diapering family needs at least one wet bag, but most would be happy with 3 or more! We generally recommend the medium for day-to-day activities, but there are many uses for all sizes!

I hope that will help give you some great ideas for this holiday season!
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