Passing the Baton... A Lesson in Changing Hands April 25 2012

Just imagine… you are a top notch track star and run the mile like nobody’s business (nice calves by the way!).  You have decided to join the relay team but no matter how fabulous of an individual sprinter you are, you will still have trouble in the transition and the passing of the baton.
In retail, most do not build a business with the intention of selling everything they have worked so fervently to create. Nor do most people plan on purchasing businesses at the drop of a hat. Similarly we never expected that we would be the proud new owners of The Natural Baby.
Let me take you back to 2009, my husband and I had recently found out we were expecting our first child and we began as many people do researching about cloth diapering and so many other exciting new things that most single 20-something year olds know nothing about. We were also at a point in our lives where we were trying to settle into the “working world” and figure out what makes us happy in life.  My wonderful husband posed the question to me…”what would make you happy?” Unfortunately for me this was one of the hardest questions to answer (as I am a strongly realistic and practical minded person).The question lingered for a while and as we continued our research of cloth diapering and our future plans we had an idea to start our very own baby boutique in our favorite town: Athens.
Not long after the idea came we shortly were slightly discouraged as we found the beautiful web site and information about The Natural Baby in Watkinsville. We still remained hopeful and positive as we were still young and were not in a position to start a business then anyway.
Who would have ever imagined that 3 years later the business we wanted to start would fall into our own hands from a couple of people who put love and care into everything that they did? It was too good to be true! So far things have been going wonderfully but the transition has been challenging on many levels and a true learning experience for us both! Nothing has made the transition smoother than a community who was glad to still have a local cloth diapering resource and Rebecca, who is simply awesome!
I spent all week in store April 2-8th and we had our first cloth diapering workshop since the transition. Saturday April 8th we had a packed house at Rattles & Rhymes with 15 excited new parents and grandparents eager to learn all they could about cloth diapering. This, in addition to cloth diapering trials started back which is super exciting. One of the things that makes The Natural Baby so unique is the cloth diaper trial. Nowhere else can you try before you buy cloth diapers quite like at The Natural Baby.
Facebook has been the landing page for most of our events and happenings and I, the Twitter novice, am exploring the finer aspects of twitter all the time.  We have joined Pinterest and are growing our boards of cloth diapers and natural recipes!

Currently, the excitement is growing as we finalize plans for a big promotion and giveaways for May and Mother's Day and bringing in more inventory... a lot more inventory!

What do want to see happen at The Natural Baby? What products, classes, offers, networking opportunities are you looking for? What information do you find most useful (diapering, doulas, organic recipes, breastfeeding,  pregnancy, natural remedies, birthing, etc)?
We are hoping to grow and expand and want your input!
Until Next Time!