Time to Hit the Pool, Now What About the Poo? May 23 2012

Swim Diapers and being Green and Thrifty…
Many people choose cloth diapering because of the money savings and environmental impacts of disposables. So when the summer months hit and beach and water park vacations are about, have you thought about diapering you child in the water and pool settings?
Poop vs. Fecal Matter
Pardon me in this post as I get a little dirty and use some not so politically correct terminology. I would rather not get too technical but there are some basic things that many people don’t know about poop and pools.

On one side, if you are going to the ocean and your child poops in and around the water… probably not the same level of concern as at the local pool. Bring on the naked baby parade at the ocean (minus the sand in the crack)!~
The Technical Details
Anyone who has changed a wicked poopie diaper knows that it is alive inside! When it comes to getting in a pool the main problem with poop and pools is leaking and the concern comes from those bacteria that can live in fecal matter and the bacteria that can thrive their like Cryptosporidium, Giardia and the one local Georgians experienced at White Water; E.coli.
These could lead to very serious public health problems but the positive news is that a good fitting swim diaper can help prevent those germs from seeping into water if they are even present.
http://www.thenaturalbaby.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=228&idcategory=0Choosing a good swim diaper and keeping it around for a while
Look for swim diapers that are going to be able to contain fecal matter in the case of an accident. Leg holes and waist band should fit tightly but not leave red marks. Also helpful is a swim diaper that is easy to remove if and accident occurs. Snaps or closures on at least one side are a big help!
Most brand names on the market will have quality elastics that are not going to break down over time but chlorine can be harsh on certain materials so a little TLC in the laundry can extend the life of your swim diapers (and suits!)

Thanks to Katie Green who posted on our Facebook page regarding a post about the uses for vinegar around the home. Not only can a long soak in vinegar keep bathing suit colors bright,  a cup of vinegar in your wash cycle will not only brighten and extend the coloring of a suit but also act as a softener and help recharge towels and cloth diapers!
While we’re at it you may want to consider getting more than one swim diaper. If the first diaper is soiled and the day is not done you may need an alternative and a back-up! A wet bag is also a nice addition for summer days and keeping wet clothes, bathing suits and swim suits separate from other stay dry  items.

http://www.thenaturalbaby.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=228&idcategory=0Swim Diapers and being thrifty…
Bottom line is any diaper could leak but most diapers whether cloth or swim will leak primarily because they are ill fitting. I don’t know if you have actually seen or tried out the disposable swim diapers but they typically don’t fit very snugly and have open backs (no elastic) which seems like a leaky diaper waiting to happen.
If your child is working towards potty training and does not poop in the diaper is wasted money as a one-time use no matter is the child pees or poops in really wasteful!
Talking about thrifty, with the money you save from not using disposable diapers you could afford swim lessons for the kids or that trip to the beach!~ 
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What are your experiences with swim diapers? 
What are your favorite things to do while summer vacationing? What are your tips and tricks and must haves for handling water babies? swim lessons? beach trips?