Trials in Cloth Diapering June 13 2013

For many who begin their "first baby researching" as I did, you might soon be attracted to the huge savings one can accumulate by switching to reusable cloth diapers instead of disposables. 

Your research continues only to find that there are many brands, styles, and options of diapers and systems enough to make your head spin. And just when you think you have sorted out the styles, the names go and confuse you once more... BumGenius, Best Bottom, Bottombumpers, (insert any other bottom reference-ed name here)!

bumGenius in Albert 
Never fear cloth newbies! One of the best things I can suggest if you are new to cloth and don't want the stress of searching for the perfect cloth system before baby makes his or her grand entrance, is DON'T!

cloth diaper trial like the one we offer at The Natural Baby, is designed to give you the opportunity to experiment with various cloth diaper brands and styles before making a financial investment. This is your chance to try cloth diapers before you buy with absolutely no risk. 

So you are interested but want to learn more? You should stop by our retail location and get some one-on-one cloth therapy to sort out all that info you have been researching.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time in our shop telling others all there is to know about cloth diapering, setting up our free Cloth 101 workshops, and arranging 3 week trials for that come through our doors.

For all of my local Athenians, be sure to join us for our  "DAD's Cloth 101 Workshop" on June 22nd. You won't want to miss this opportunity for any still skeptical fathers, mothers and grandparents-to-be to hear a unique perspective from an expert cloth diapering daddy! You can also schedule an appointment that fits your schedule!

For those who don't have the luxury of a cloth diaper shop in your town, check out our next Virtual Cloth Diapering 101 on Google + every month and order your 3 week cloth diaper trial from our web page. You can select options now, I will call to confirm your custom diaper package then ship it to your front door.

Cloth Diaper Use and Care
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We ship and you wash, use and care for the diapers as if they were your own. Take them to granny's house, daycare -everywhere and let everyone get a feel for using modern cloth diapers on a daily basis. You will quickly discover what diapers fit your baby best, and which diapers are the most effective for nighttime use, daycare, or travel and we are here to help troubleshoot every step of the way! At the end of your trial just return the items you don't like, and keep what you do. You only pay for what you want to keep. It's that easy!

"What do you do with my unwanted diapers" you say? We have a selection of gently used (and just broken in) diapers in store for some one else to enjoy that absolutely loves that "bottom-bumpkins" brand you detested!

Call me or email me for more information about setting up your diaper trial today!

Have you participated in a diaper trial program? How could we improve our program? 
Tell us about your experience here! Favorite brands, favorite fits, favorite prints, Everything!!!!  

Chat about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @thenaturalbaby and with the hashtag #diapertrial 

Be sure to tell all your friends of child-rearing and grand-parenting  years about this wonderful opportunity that many have never heard of!

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