Mission: Organization August 05 2013

With 2 kids under the age of 3, 2 pets, a husband, an old house and about 3 loads of cloth diaper laundry a week... I have the tendency to let things pile up. 

I'm ashamed, truly... Time to reclaim my desk!
Especially since we are only 4 months into our last move to our new place, and I was spending 4 hours commuting and about 9 hours a day, things have been piling up all over... The desk, the dishes, the hair on the bathroom floor... You get where this is going I am sure!

From my experiences, everyone has there areas where things accumulate. By the door, next to the bed or on the desk, to be dealt with later...  

For me, running a business is vital I have a space to work at home and organize and store important documents but unfortunately after moving twice and getting rid if my former desk system, I was left looking for new ways of organizing. 

4 months after moving I finally devoted an entire night (after kids went to sleep) of organizing and cleaning off the cobwebs of back-logged work and filing!!

Afterward, I am pleased to announce I found the bottom of my family heirloom table/new desk and am working on my organization methods!
The after! We shall see how long this lasts!~

Now I have a clean desk but some random stacks of stuff and with no where to call home.

To be continued...

What are your favorite organization tools, tips and gadgets that you couldn't do with out? How do you keep things separated and sane in your household?

Also, are you all digital in bills or old reliable paper? Tell us how you manage your family hubs!