Our Yoga Practice August 09 2013

I have found since becoming a mother, especially a mother of 2, that it is hard to find time to practice yoga.

In my school and college years I was actively involved in all forms of dance almost everyday. I also took a Pilates class is college and was hooked. When I became pregnant with my first, prenatal yoga was calling my name! Since I couldn't quite do the "hundred" with a pregnant belly, I started driving 45 min to the nearest yoga place that offered prenatal yoga. Luckily, I was on summer break and I could handle a commute for practice in a group setting! I went and enjoyed breathing and stretching and preparing for childbirth. 
The "Babyritto" pose:
 Great for digestion and relaxation!
After the birth of our first child, the yoga practice was put on hold for other things and after 6 weeks, I returned to working as a full-time high school teacher.

Fast forward a couple of years and we are pregnant with our second child. Driving 45 minutes for prenatal yoga after work with a husband and toddler at home that I haven't seen all day didn't seem like a fun idea. I tried to revive my practice solo, in my living room. 
The toddler enjoyed mimicking my moves and also enjoyed stretching but it was definitely a new experience. I couldn't help but wish there was something more convenient!

Now we have moved and the closest yoga place is only about 20 minutes away but I feel like an outcast now with some "Mommy" type groups. I now have two kids and "mommy & me" yoga is great for Pre-crawlers but not so great for our 11 mo old and almost 3 year old. I know it would be different with 2 kids but surely it is possible to practice in a group setting with others. I think given the right scenario it could be fun for everyone!

I pressed onward to the local mom/community group for support and what do I find?
It just so happens there is someone willing to come to me (anywhere for that matter) for group and family yoga! JACKPOT!!

 Savasana, sort of!
I foresee the yoga mat making a revival soon! Dust off the cobwebs girls, here we come!

What's your favorite yoga practice/class? Do you have an "at home practice" or do you have to schedule your class with a group so that yoga actually takes place?