Part 2: Top Reasons to Try All In One's March 05 2014

All In One's are definitely loved by many including our family. In my first post in this series Part 1: The Trouble With All In One's, I outlined the reasons that some may not enjoy All In One Diapers.

Taking the Time
When I talk about All In One's (AIOs) I am very careful to explain that all cloth diapering takes time compared to disposable diapers. With some diapers like prefolds or All-In-Twos (AI2s) you take the time at every diaper change by trading out absorbent pieces and reusing the cover.
With "one piece" systems like pockets and AIOs you take a dirty off, put a clean one on and you can be on your way immediately but you are required to take time in other ways.
When cloth diapering my oldest I would launder and stuff pockets every other night before bed. With my second in cloth I spent no time stuffing, but spent more time fine tuning my cleaning rituals, more time drying, and stripping the AIOs more often.

Some diapers are more proactive with the time spent vs. some take a more reactive approach. Whichever way draws you in here is my list of the Top reasons to try AIOs so that you don't miss out on this time saving diapering system.
Bottombumpers One-Size All-In-Ones 

The Top Reasons To Try All In One's

1. Most Convenient 
Dirty diaper off. New diaper on. Done. Period.

2. Anyone Can Use Them
Barring any truly unique situations, any care provider for your child can figure out how to change and AIO diaper as it is shaped, and closures that are similar to a disposable!

3. Spend Less Time
Stuffing, folding, & pinning pockets & inserts takes time. New moms are typically short on time and sanity. Sometimes, simplicity can save your sanity!

4. Save Money vs. Disposables
AIOs vary in price but even a FULL stash of our most expensive AIO, will still save money compared to disposables!

5. Make Great Gifts
AIOs are a great registry addition since they cost a little more. Grandmas & shower go-ers love to buy convenient things for new moms since they know how precious time becomes once a child is born!)

Are All In Ones for Everyone? 
Yes! Anyone can use an All In One but the pitfalls for some may outweigh the benefits. For our On-The-Go, All-In-One family, we have loved the convenience of our stash of AIOs but also enjoyed many diapers during different periods.
Prefolds were our favorite for newborn & potty learning periods and pocket diapers still have a special place in our heart, especially for night time diapering!

What are your favorite brands and features of All-In-One? How do you care for your All-In-One diapers to get the most life from them? 

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