Meet The Natural Baby : Part 1 : Meet The Owner! March 08 2014

Athens, GA Improving Birth Rally

My name is Allison and I have a confession. I'm cheap! :)

I suppose its a great way to explain how I came to initially latch on to the concepts of breastfeeding, babywearing, and most importantly, cloth diapering, and why I am the Owner of The Natural Baby today!

Dancing: My other Love
I am a graduate of The University Of Georgia where I fell in love with Athens, GA and my husband. While in school, I juggled my major (Child and Family Development and Family and Consumer Sciences Education) with my Competitive Dance Team and working jobs in dance, and retail.

Fast forward a few years and hubby and I were planning for our first child. I was a full-time high school teacher and was seeking an "out" so that I could spend more time raising future children.  I desperately latched on to an idea of a natural baby boutique only to find that it had just been created in the area I dreamed, and I was second to the line. I was totally bummed!

When our lives changed forever,
in the best way possible!
Less than two years later and as fate would have it, our family took over the reigns at The Natural Baby and we have been so excited to grow and change with our store!

My hobby and passion is dancing and has been since I was a child. But when it comes right down to it, I want to be a great mother for my children and for our family, which is why I resigned from teaching Food Nutrition and Wellness after 5 years and now wear many hats.

Hats I Wear:

1. Mother of Two Amazing Girls & Full Time Nose Wiper & Diaper Changer
2. Wife to an amazingly talented and wise beyond his year fella!
3. Full Time Shop Owner, Marketer, Webmaster, Emailer, Facebook-er, Blogger...
4. Full Time Laundry Maid
5. Part Time Cook/Housekeeper
6. Part Time Dance Teacher/Choreographer

What else do you want to know about me?
I would love to hear about hats that YOU wear and how you juggle the day-to-day!