Meet The Natural Baby: Part 2 : Meet The Intern! March 11 2014

This semester we have had the pleasure of hosting a student intern from The University if Georgia's  and who is on track for becoming a certified family life educator! If you've been by the shop you might have met her but join me in getting to know Khira a little bit better! She is totally awesome! Read why!

Who is the intern? 

Hello! My name is Khira and I am currently the intern at the Natural Baby. I will be here through the end of April. I am currently a student at UGA majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences. While I am not sure what I will end up doing after graduation in May, I know that I want to work with families in a way that makes life more enjoyable for both parents and children.

What does she do when she isn’t here at The Natural Baby?

When I am not here at the Natural Baby with Allison and the girls, I am either working with UGA Campus Catering, helping teach dog classes with Sit Happens Dog Training & Behavior, or spending time with my fiancé and our two dogs. I am the Student Manager with Campus Catering and an apprentice with Sit Happens.

Matthew and I met while working together in food services. We have been engaged for over a year and will be getting married this coming summer… twice! Matthew is from Manchester, England, so we will have our ceremony here in the States, and then a blessing in England so that everyone gets a chance to celebrate with us! We have two wonderful dogs. Their names are Kiwi and Beau. Kiwi is about 3 years old and is a Pitbull/Hound mix. Beau is about 1 1/2 year old Labrador mix. They are both rescues and completely spoiled!

How the internship came to be…

Interning with the Natural Baby was meant to be! I had a potential internship lined up and all but committed to it when the call from Allison came through to my internship coordinator. My professor came in to the room where I was studying and waiting for class to start and asked if I would join her in her office. She then explained that Allison had gotten in contact with someone in the department and that her information had been passed along. While she knew I had the other opportunity somewhat lined up, she thought that this would be a great learning experience as well. That afternoon, I called Allison and over the course of a fifteen minute phone call, we both knew it was meant to be!

So far, I have been focusing on researching detergents, creating social media content, producing materials for distribution, and a few other things that we will be sure to keep you up to date with over the coming weeks. I am extremely excited to be here working with Allison and The Natural Baby and can’t wait to see what will happen!