The Gift of Breastfeeding After Childbirth March 14 2014

In this series I hope to discuss all things "after-birth" including menstrual cycles, fertility, breastfeeding as well as product reviews and giveaways! What topics would you like to see discussed? 

I have a confession to make. It was 27 months since my last menstrual cycle.
Yep. Its pretty awesome. To make it even more of a story, with my first child it was about 23 months between cycles!

After giving birth to a child, the human body ( and mammals in general) produces milk and in doing so is no longer interested in cycling or having a period, as much as it is intent on providing all of the iron, nutrients, and nourishment to a growing infant through the mother's milk supply! Mother nature is so awesome in this regard! The greatest gift to a new mother who is nursing is the absence of a regular period.

I have been bestowed this amazing blessing for some time as I have breastfed my daughters. There are some women (for reasons to be discussed later)  who have breastfed and still get their period back after a month or two. What a bummer!

I have enjoyed my many months of pregnancies and breastfeeding and was a little sad to have one more thing back on my plate. However, each day I am truly amazed and in love with how much my little girls have grown and how spectacular they are! (Usually I have these thoughts when they are asleep and not in their toddler tantrum phases of the day ;) )

How long did it take for your monthly cycle to resume after childbirth? 
Did you notice any change in flow, cramping or other related changes?