Meet Mariette and Her Decision to Cloth Diaper March 16 2014

Mariette's Decision to Cloth Diaper

Meet Mariette!
Mariette is a Cloth Diaper Consultant for The Natural Baby and is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida just outside of Pensacola, Florida. Mariette is serving as a consultant for the Gulf Coast area from Pensacola, Destin and outlying areas! Mariette is currently a full-time teacher and with her husband, has two young daughters. Read more about Mariette and how she got her start in cloth diapering!

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After conceiving my first daughter, I wasn’t quite sure what to do next.  I focused so much on getting pregnant that I never took the time to think about what I would actually do once I had the baby.  I did not have any experience with children, I never took “early childhood” classes in college, and I do not remember every playing mommy or even really wanting children.  But, when baby fever hit after a couple years of marriage, I wanted that baby!

So, it wasn’t until my father started asking me questions about having a baby shower, that I really took a step back and realized how much work I had ahead of me.  I needed to get on that baby train and fast!  Luckily, I had a sister who was ahead of me in that department and was able to hand down everything she could.  She even did my registry for me because I couldn’t even tell you what half of the baby things were for.  But one question lingered, what to do about diapers?

Our country has developed a culture of convenience that at times we never second guess.  The “easiest” and “cheapest” way tends to prevail, even when dealing with babies.  Yet, due to a family history of severe allergies, my parents had used old school cloth diapers and pins with me as a baby.  I assumed that any child I had would have would suffer from similar issues but times had changed and there was no way I was pinning on diapers.  I knew I would most likely need to use cloth but knew no one who used them or anything about them.  There were no local stores I could visit or group I could meet with, I was very much so on my own.  Thank goodness for the internet!  

I like so many others, spent hours and hours reading reviews, blogs, watching YouTube videos, and convincing my husband this was a good idea.  After finding out how easy it was to use the modern styles of diapers, the large amount money we would save per child, and how much better it was for the environment, my decision was made.  Yet, the hardest part of the process was not the decision, finding the right diapers, or even convincing my husband they would not ruin our washing machine, it was standing my ground against with the world around me that cloth was best.

 I am lucky that I had parents and in laws that were pro cloth diapering, but friends and family, even my sister, where originally against it.  Not understanding the ins and outs of cloth diapering, people automatically think it is “gross” or “too hard.”  When in reality, it is healthier for your child and easier and cheaper than buying disposables.  Even today, I face all the time people who say it is unsanitary, it will ruin their washing machines, or it costs too much, all myths.  

I found it easier to not tell people I was going to cloth diaper because the negative comments I would hear were so discouraging.  Who were they to say I would hate it or I would get over that in a few

weeks like it was a fad?  They didn’t cloth diaper or what they remember was not a picture of what I was going to do.  I felt like I had to make excuses for why I was doing it so they would leave me alone rather than just saying I believed it was the right thing for my family.   When the day came for me to switch to cloth full time, I remember being very nervous.  I was scared that I chose the wrong diaper, I was scared that they wouldn’t work or that I would hate them, and even more nervous I would hear “I told you so’s.”

Well, none of those things happened!  I loved cloth diapering from the first day.  I love the freedom of never having to go to the store for diapers.  I love not taking out huge trash bags of planet killing chemicals and human waste and I love how healthy my children are because of it.  I no longer feel that I need to shy away from telling people I cloth diaper.  I am proud of my decision and I don’t make excuses for it.   

Cloth diapering was a tough decision for me and there were times before I had my first child that I thought about changing my mind.  I’m glad I didn’t give in to the negativity around me because cloth diapering has been the best decision for our family.