Call Me Mommy : A Lesson in Self-Doubt March 19 2014

Whenever I feel down or inadequate about being a capable mother, I always remember some helpful comedic relief from my childhood.

In the Disney Movie "Rocketman", a space vehicle becomes trapped on Commander Gordon during a storm on a mission to Mars. The main character and comedian, Fred Randall tells Commander Gordon that a mother's instinct and strength is amplified when someone calls you mommy. In this moment of comedic relief, the dominant male Commander calls his male subordinate Fred, "Mommy" so that he feels more powerful and hence is enabled to lift the large vehicle, and save the Commander's life.

It is really quite silly, (have you seen the movie?!) but if you think about it, it rings true. Feeling needed and feeling essential for the life and survival of another human is pretty empowering and sometimes down right tiring!

As a mother, I have accomplished more than I had ever dreamed or imagined possible, mostly through sacrifices I have made. Even in terms of breastfeeding, a mother's body spares nutrients for her own body so that your rapidly growing infant gets all of the nutrients possible that it desperately needs for adequate growth. A mother's body knows what is important.

We all have our "Super Mom" moments. For some if we can clean, cook, bathe the kids and maybe even throw in a Pinterest craft here and there, and we feel like an accomplished mother.

For me though, I have "dark days", where my own self-doubt gets the best of me and I feel like a total failure and I forget all of the prior positive things.

What kind of expectations do you have of yourself as a mother, wife, etc.? Women wear so many hats already and many exhaust all of their resources and energy thinking of what others think and try to live up to crazy expectations! Does Super Mom really exist? Do we hype up this idea of Super Mom on a pedestal of unrealistic expectations?

Go easy on yourself mom! Sometimes, it truly is a miracle to get out of bed and survive the day. Relish in the positive moments and encourage those around you when you witness the dark moments... cause we all have them!

Luckily enough, I have a support network that reminds me of the ways that I am doing a great job doing the hardest job of all:
Being mother and a parent to my amazing children who amaze me more everyday.

I leave you with some words of encouragement (GO YOU!) and a reminder to help another mother out! (SEE LINKS BELOW!)

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In what ways do you feel most capable as a parent/mother? What are your weakest and darkest moments as a parent or mother? How do you cope with feelings of inadequacy?