The Anatomy and Breakdown of the Pocket Diaper April 29 2014

An Overview of Pocket Diapers
Pocket Diapers are a great addition to any cloth diapering routine and they definitely have features that make them a definite win for growing babies and ever changing families! (pun intended!)
One-Size Pockets have made a HUGE impact in the cloth diapering community for their flexibility from young to old and day to night.
While some often are perplexed by the difference between an All-In-One Diaper and a Pocket Diaper (see our All In One Blog Series) since the are changed the same, for others it is plain to see the differences when you break down the anatomy of the pocket diaper!

The Structure of Pocket Diapers
What makes a pocket diaper different from other cloth diapers is that there are two layers of fabric sewn together with an opening left for stuffing absorbent inserts into.
1. Layer of waterproof PUL fabric (PolyUrethane Laminate: a laminated fabric)
2. Layer of "stay-dry" fabric (cotton fleece, suedecloth, microfleece, etc)  

bumGenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Diaper
Most Pocket Diapers have options between snap closures or hook & loop closures.
Fuzzibunz One Size
 Elite Pocket
One Size Pocket Diapers have features that adjust openings of the diaper and fit:

1. Rows of snaps on front that adjust rise and size of leg openings
2. Adjustable elastics that cinch the openings tighter to adjust size of waist and leg openings

Advantages to Pocket Diapers
1. Baby Feels Dry 
2. Absorbency is Easily Added or Subtracted
3. All Pieces Separate for Better Cleaning & Faster Drying
4. Absorbent Inserts are Interchangeable  
5. Absorbent Inserts on One Size Diapers are often Adjustable
6. Great for Night Diapering
7. Great for Daycares & any care provider

Disadvantages to Pocket Diapers
1. Requires "stuffing" Absorbent Inserts into Pocket
2. Most brands require "unstuffing" inserts
3. Even Little Messes Require an entirely new diaper
4. One Size Pockets can be bulky on Newborns
5. Not Ideal for Potty Learning (since baby feels dry)
6. Can be Harder to Clean compared to AI2 systems  

Thirsties New One Size Pocket Diaper
Read more about each style of Pocket Diaper we love in the links below:
Thirsties One Size Pocket

Other favorites are Rumparooz OS Pocket for their inner gusset & Snap EZ for their youth and adult sizes!

What do you love & hate about Pocket Diapers? What features and brands of Pockets do you prefer?