Update on Baby-Led Weaning @ 21 months June 01 2014

I am so happy to say, we finally have a good eater on our hands! She is much happier now that she is finally totally independent in her eating! HOORAY!

Her most shining moment happened just this week. One morning, 21 month old Carolina woke
The "Lounging" :)
up, pottied, and then immediately led me to the kitchen wanting an "app". Not even sure if we had any apples, I find one in the back of the fridge and happily peeled it and handed it to her. She proceeded to finish the entire apple on her own for breakfast as she lounged, played, & read. What a sweet moment that was for us.

This morning as we were low on supplies I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast and Carolina polishes off hers and then is off to find a box of macaroni that she insists on eating. (Heat up leftovers from day ago and boom she polishes off the leftovers!)

I am beaming with joy at how far we have come...
If you read my first post about our initial experiences in baby-led weaning, you might recall that we had a very slow and tortuous beginning to any solid food experiences and the only positive encounters were with foods she could hold and experience on her own!

We have also made leaps and bounds in the food categories of nuts and dried fruits. Something about the elusive trail mix that big sister loves, Carolina wants to enjoy it so badly. This still is the one arena where she gets ahead of her self and tends to put to much in her mouth, since it takes more effort to chew and swallow.
Luckily for us, she has a hearty gag reflex, should she need it, and has absolutely no problem spitting out food when she realizes that she has literally bitten off more than she can handle!

Phew! I will clean the floor a zillion times in exchange for not having to worry so much about this part!
I now am pretty sure this chapter of our eating dialog has closed, as she is a great eater and loves things even big sister wont touch... (Big sister used to eat EVERYTHING)

I can now reflect on past experiences and truly say that NO CHILD eats the same or in the same progression and to impose one way on another child could truly be disastrous or even traumatic! Oh the things our children can teach us! :)

What are/were your biggest fears about baby-led weaning? 
Which foods were your baby's "first foods"?