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Interested in becoming an independent cloth diaper consultant?

If you use cloth diapers and love telling other moms about them, and if you would like the flexibility to set your own work hours and even bring your little one to work with you, becoming an independent consultant for The Natural Baby could be a wonderful opportunity for you!

What is an Independent Consultant?

As an independent consultant for The Natural Baby, you will give cloth diaper demonstrations and workshops for families, offering an introduction to the many benefits of using cloth diapers. You can give “diaper parties” similar to other direct sales models (Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc), set up a booth at street fairs, music festivals, baby fairs – whatever you want!

Why should I become an Independent Consultant?

When you become an independent consultant for The Natural Baby, you will benefit from our web presence, our 1,600+ fan Facebook page, our 1,400+ member mailing list as well as our physical storefront location in Athens, GA.

What is required to become an independent consultant for The Natural Baby?

After your $50 non-refundable sign-up fee, you will need to purchase a sample pack of diapers to show your clients. There are 4 levels of investment available starting at $250 which contains all of the basic samples one would need to be able to sell effectively.

What support can I expect?

You will receive templates for all business and educational materials as well as become a member of our private Facebook, and YouTube Accounts to gain access to marketing and sales resources and Cloth Diapering Information.

How do I sell products for The Natural Baby?

As an independent consultant for The Natural Baby, we require that you do $500 in retail sales in the first 6 months after signup, including sample purchases. We anticipate your ability to make $500 retail sales every 6 months to remain active. You will be responsible for scheduling your own events, and for the costs associated therein. You are encouraged to advertise your events in local papers, on parenting listservs, etc. 

What products can I show?

You will be permitted to demonstrate and sell only inventory carried by The Natural Baby. We acknowledge that there are many hundreds of diaper styles and brands not represented in our shop. We have worked hard to narrow down our selection to those brands and styles that we believe provide the greatest balance of quality, value, performance, and customer service all at a price that is acceptable for our budget-conscious clients. We desire to offer as wide a range of products as possible, while avoiding too much overlap. We are always searching for new products to add to our shop and welcome your suggestions and client feedback.

Because The Natural Baby is not an authorized retailer of brands not found in our shop, you may not incorporate other brands in your sales demonstrations. If asked, you may of course tell clients what types of diapers you do or have used; however, we hope that you will use and learn about every style we carry so that you can offer your clients the most thorough education as possible.

What’s in it for me?

As an independent cloth diaper consultant with The Natural Baby you will earn a commission on your sales. And because we want you to know and experience all of the products we sell, as an independent consultant for The Natural Baby you will receive a discount on all of your purchases.

Interested in learning more?

Just email us for more information or to sign-up!

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