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Cloth Diaper Trial

3-week trial customized to your exact needs. Other stores require the purchase of an entire box of diapers. We allow you to pick and choose the diapers for your trial and only bill you for the diapers you decide to keep!

$10.00 fee is non-refundable
PLEASE CALL before ordering if you live outside the Athens, GA area.

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Cloth Diaper Trial
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Cloth Diaper Trial

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Product Details

Expecting a child soon? Considering switching from disposable diapers to something reusable?

This cloth diaper trial gives you the opportunity to experiment with various cloth diaper brands and styles before making a financial investment. Prefolds, fitteds, pockets? This is your chance to try them ALL with absolutely no risk. Once you place your order we will call you to set up your customized selection. Wash, use and care for the diapers as if they were your own. Take them to your child's daycare, share them with your family - let everyone get a feel for using modern cloth diapers on a daily basis. You will quickly discover what diapers fit your baby best, and which diapers are the most effective for nighttime use, or travel. At the end of your trial just return the items you don't like, and keep what you do. We will only charge your credit card for the items you keep. It's that easy!

Call or email us for more information.

PLEASE CALL BEFORE ORDERING if you live outside the Athens, GA area. Thanks!

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"Great Program"

Angela S. on 6/15/2011 10:18:01 AM

Comments: This is the best way to choose which diapers are going to work for you and your little one! I was certain I wanted to do pocket diapers and hated the idea of pre-folds and covers. Boy am I glad I did the trial!! You really don't know what you are going to like until you try out the different options. We ended up doing pre-folds and covers and love them! Pockets were not for us (except for the Thirsties Duo Pockets, which we use when we are on the go). Rebecca was very helpful in choosing which d... More details

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"What a wonderful way to fall in love with cloth!"

Crystal M. on 6/2/2011 4:58:28 PM

Comments: This is the only store that will allow you to try out diapers for only $10. The other stores charge you for the diapers, then you have to go through the hassle of having money refunded to your card, and in my experience, that is just a disaster. Rebecca is really friendly and sent all the diapers I wanted to try. I am so happy to have stumbled upon her website. She's definitely made my life easier, and has saved me tons of money!

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Jillian E. on 3/25/2011 5:03:33 PM

Comments: Rebecca is wonderful to work with and really opens your eyes to cloth diaper options with this package. It's easy to figure out what works for you, your lifestyle, and your baby's build with a diaper trial. It saves you tons of money by letting you try things before you buy them. I'm SO glad I did this!

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"Do This!"

Terese on 3/22/2011 3:06:40 PM

Comments: We did this AFTER buying our first set of diapers. Not the most strategic move of all time. Just tell Rebecca what you're interested in trying and she'll make it happen. We're confident in going with what I thought was a totally overpriced diaper - after trying it we found it's totally worth it! Definitely do yourself this favor.

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